Not just thinking big,
but also doing it right.

“Eastern Donates Blood to Show Love” Gary Wang Initiates Blood Donation Drives to Help Alleviate Blood Shortages. 300 Donors Shared their Love

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have reduced their activities outside of their home, but the number of hospital patients in need of blood has not decreased and the blood banks around Taiwan are now running low. Gary Wang, president of Eastern Group, has long been dedicated to philanthropy and caring for the underprivileged and disadvantaged groups. On August 3, from 10:00 to 16:30, the “Eastern Donates Blood to Show Love” public welfare event will be taking place for a total of 6.5 hours. Eastern Group colleagues and Village Chiefs Shi Yi-nan, Chen Bing-nan, and You Jin-hsing (of Xiuming Village, Xiushui Village, and Jingping Village, Yonghe District, New Taipei City respectively), as well as the residents will be invited to participate in the blood drive and share their love across the community. According to the latest announcement of the “Taiwan Blood Services Foundation”, the blood supplies of type A, B, O, and AB in Taipei and Kaohsiung are running low. Hsinchu, in particular, has a shortage of type AB blood, with less than four days of supply in their inventory. Taichung has a low stock of blood types A and O, while Tainan has a low stock of blood types A and B. According to the Taipei Blood Center, statistics show that in the past five months, the number of days with less than five days’ supply of blood has reached 48, which is the worst situation they have seen in five years. The center is asking members of the public to roll up their sleeves and donate blood to help those in need.

ETMall Wins the Gold Medal Award Four Years in a Row Gary Wang is Committed to High-Quality Service Delivered with Warmth and a Human-Touch

“The best service is when customers can feel the warmth”. The list of corporate award recipients of the annual “Best Service in Taiwan” appraisal event has been announced, and ETMall’s high-quality service and brand trustworthiness have once again been recognized as we won the Large Online Shopping Platform Gold Medal Award for the fourth consecutive year. At the award presentation ceremony held at Grand Hyatt Taipei on the 28th, Chairman Gary Wang of ETMall attended in person and accepted the award from Taiwan’s Vice President, Lai Ching-te. In addition to thanking the judges for their affirmation, Gary Wang stated that “we are focused on the rights of the consumers, we will not forget our original goal and will continue to accompany the consumers happily into the future.”

Creating new enterprise value means not just thinking big, but also doing it right.

Faced with major changes in the economic environment,as well as in industrial structuring both at home and abroad,Eastern began proactive transformations in 1990.The company combined innovative concepts such as big data,social networking,and precision member marketing to connect the expansion of two new business fields:smart technology services for daily life,and new media.

Eastern's development revolves around vertically integrated,omni-channel,and diversified operational approaches.These not only inject vitality and competitiveness into the enterprise,but also generates new energy for the brand.

Established as a silo company,Eastern eventually became an international logistic hub covering shipping,port operations,and trade.We went from the storage and transportation industry to the rising media industry,from virtual shopping to…

Staying customer-focused
EHS Select is a quality guarantee.

—Eastern's business philosophy

Eastern Media International Corporation

We cover the whole supply chain - shipping, port operations, trade - and continue to achieve innovation in tangible value.

New Retail Business Group

Creating a wonderfully new "shopping everywhere" experience.
A brand offering multi-channel smart technology services for daily life, a top pick for Chinese people around the globe.

New Media Business Group

Creating a new video platform that offers the "video everywhere" experience.
Achieving innovation for the big future of Chinese video brands.

Breakfasts Made of Love for over 12 Years

Daddy Eastern sends love to Zhuhu Elementary School in Taitung and works hard to harvest rice with students in the tribal village.