Not just thinking big,
but also doing it right.

Eastern Farm Launches Sale of “Royal Wendan Pomelo” Chang Li-Shan Joins Program for the Fourth Year and Gary Wang Shows Support to Drive Sales

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just one week away, and besides mooncakes, pomelos are a great fruit to eat during this holiday! The country’s largest agricultural county—Yunlin County—is also known for its production of pomelo in the county’s Douliu City. The city’s fruit is so high in quality that it has won the first prize for three consecutive years. To promote Douliu’s pomelo to all the people of Taiwan, Yunlin County Mayor, Chang Li-Shan, went on the “Eastern Farm” program of ETMall for the fourth time on the 10th. “Royal Wendan Pomelo,” which is delivered directly from the place of origin, comes in 6 kg boxes of 12 to 18 pomelos. It is available at the special ETMall price of NT$1,080. President Gary Wang of Eastern Group also added a 50% ET coin reward to support small farmers. As soon as the sale started, people responded enthusiastically with members rushing to place orders.

ETMall January-August Consolidated Revenue of NT$18.59 Billion, Profit Growth Up 34.5% ETMall Multi-Channel Development! Second Largest E-Commerce Company in Profitability

ETMall, a subsidiary of Eastern Media International Corporation (2614), announced today (7th) that its consolidated revenue from January to August (including Strawberrynet and Mama Bear Shopping) reached NT$18.59 billion, showing an annual growth rate of 20.1%, and consolidated pre-tax profit of NT$1.37 billion. This shows a 34.5% increase from last year’s profit of NT$1.02 billion, with a net earnings per share (EPS) of NT$11.31. Consolidated revenue for August was NT$2.4 billion, with an annual increase of 17.2%, and consolidated pre-tax profit was NT$174 million, with an annual increase of 12.2%. In 2020, the total revenue of Eastern Group was NT$33 billion and a profit of NT$1.8 billion. This year, Eastern Group will aim for NT$50 billion in revenue and target a profit of NT$3.3 billion.

Creating new enterprise value means not just thinking big, but also doing it right.

Faced with major changes in the economic environment,as well as in industrial structuring both at home and abroad,Eastern began proactive transformations in 1990.The company combined innovative concepts such as big data,social networking,and precision member marketing to connect the expansion of two new business fields:smart technology services for daily life,and new media.

Eastern's development revolves around vertically integrated,omni-channel,and diversified operational approaches.These not only inject vitality and competitiveness into the enterprise,but also generates new energy for the brand.

Established as a silo company,Eastern eventually became an international logistic hub covering shipping,port operations,and trade.We went from the storage and transportation industry to the rising media industry,from virtual shopping to…

Staying customer-focused
EHS Select is a quality guarantee.

—Eastern's business philosophy

Eastern Media International Corporation

We cover the whole supply chain - shipping, port operations, trade - and continue to achieve innovation in tangible value.

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Creating a wonderfully new "shopping everywhere" experience.
A brand offering multi-channel smart technology services for daily life, a top pick for Chinese people around the globe.

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Creating a new video platform that offers the "video everywhere" experience.
Achieving innovation for the big future of Chinese video brands.

Breakfasts Made of Love for over 15 Years

Daddy Eastern sends love to Zhuhu Elementary School in Taitung and works hard to harvest rice with students in the tribal village.