About EasternHistory

Eastern Group Development HistoryEastern is a team walking toward the future. We always take on the challenge of new arenas as we set new goals. Time and again, Eastern has been able to stay on top of trends. This helps Eastern to achieve value innovation and find a sustainable future for business expansion.

  • 2021

    Integration of ETMall, Strawberrynet and Her to establish a large e-commerce platform

    50th Anniversary of Eastern Natural Beauty

  • 2020

    Cooperate with Japan TV Company, Miyazaki Telecasting Co., Ltd.

    EMI and ASUS signed MOU to establish the AI research department center.

    Partnership with Amazon AWS

    With over 46,000 digital store owners on Eastern Direct Selling, revenue has surpassed NT$1.5 billion

    Acquired the Happy Shopping Grocery Shopping website

    Organized exchange forums with the NTU College of Bioresources and Agriculture

    ETMall EPS hits a new record high, leading major e-commerce platforms and virtual channels

    Eastern Media International Corporation won the Gold Award for Corporate Sustainability Report at the 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

    Eastern Natural Beauty collaborates with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to research skin imaging big data

    Launch of ETtoday’s “CooKing”, the first large-scale real-life cooking show in Taiwan

    Partnership with Mingliu Group to introduce “AI Smart Mirror”

    ETtoday’s “Jungle Voice” was nominated for the Golden Bell Awards again, with its cumulative viewership reaching 690 million

    Eastern has invested NT$10 Billion in Linkou International Media Park in partnership with SET and Mitsui

  • 2019

    Invested in FocusMedia Taiwan Co., Ltd., an elevator media company.

    ETtoday has renamed to ETtoday Co., Ltd.

    Invested in FocusMedia Taiwan Co., Ltd., the elevator advertising screens business.

    Joined OVO TV streaming platform.

    Collaborated with National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) in Industry-University collaboration program.

    Founded Her, a tailored e-commerce platform for women.

    “Jungle Voice” won the 54th Golden Bell Award in “Outstanding Variety Series”.

    Jun Yuan, Yang, the CEO of EHS, has won the Taiwan’s top 100-manager (MVP) award.

    Collaborated with Shih Hsin University (SHU) and Nanhua University (NHU) in Industry-university collaboration program.

    Hundreds of EToday Pet stores across Taiwan.

    Cooperated with Taipei Medical University (TMU) big data center.

    EMI headquarter in Linkou plan has been executed.

    Eastern Natural Beauty direct store expansion.

    ETwarm returns to Eastern Group.

  • 2018

    Acquired Strawberrynet to expand into the global E-commerce field. Established Eesen, a cosmetics company, through collaboration with EeLin Entertainment.

    Acquired Natural Beauty, a well-known international beauty and spa brand. Entered the direct-selling business field by establishing Eastern Tenmax Global Network Marketing.

    President Gary Wang of Eastern Group and well-known producer Wang Wei-Chung collaborated to establish QT Entertainment, which is aimed at the online video industry.

    Created an alliance with iM video, a short-form video platform, to enter the Taiwan short-form video market.

    Famous actress Jiang Xin was appointed as the brand ambassador for Eastern Natural Beauty.

    Acquired ETtoday Pets.

    Acquired FocusMedia Taiwan.

    Acquired Natural Beauty.

  • 2017

    Established Global New Network Marketing (Dongyu International).

    ETMall merged with Sen Sen Home Shopping, with ETMall continuing to serve consumers.

    Acquired Mohist Web Technology Co., Ltd., an electronic ticketing system company.

    Established the Eastern Direct Selling e-commerce platform.

  • 2016

    Established a prepaid product department within ETMall to expand into the gift card and certificate business.

    Reinvested in Taiwan Gift Card Co., Ltd.

  • 2014

    ETtoday.net was renamed ETtoday.

    Established Eastern Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Eastern Media International Corporation's listed shares changed to consumer goods category.

  • 2013

    ETtoday.net was renamed ETtoday.

  • 2011

    Established ETtoday(news website)

  • 2009

    Established Cayman Islands subsidiaries.

    Reinvested in establishing Taiwan Sen Sen Home Shopping Co., Ltd.

    Reinvested in establishing Dingkai Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an entry into the cross-strait trade industry.

  • 2006

    Panama subsidiary reinvested in establishing Eastern Enterprise Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to expand into the logistics field.

  • 2005

    Far Eastern Web Technology Co., Ltd. renamed Eastern Media International Corporation.

    Panama subsidiary reinvested in establishing second-tier German subsidiary.

  • 2004

    Established Eastern Life/Property Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.

    Established ETholiday, operating as a travel agency.

  • 2000

    Far Eastern Silo Co., Ltd. renamed as Far Eastern Web Technology Co., Ltd.

    Established Hong Kong subsidiary.

    Entered bulk grain trade.

  • 1999

    Reinvested in establishing Eastern Home Television Shopping Co., Ltd., later renamed to Eastern Home Shopping & Leisure Co., Ltd.

  • 1996

    Established Panama subsidiary.

  • 1995

    Far Eastern Silo Co., Ltd. listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    Entered media industry: reinvested in establishing Eastern Union Advanced Multimedia Co., Ltd., later renamed to Eastern Multimedia Corporation.

    Bermuda subsidiary reinvested in establishing Shanghai Haixing Yuancang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Entered real estate business.

  • 1994

    Established Bermuda subsidiary.

  • 1991

    Established UAC, renamed as Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd. in 1997.

  • 1989

    Far Eastern Lines Co., Ltd. merged into Far Eastern Silo Co., Ltd.

  • 1981

    Port of Taichung silo began operating.

    Established Far Eastern Lines Co., Ltd.

  • 1980

    Port of Kaohsiung silo began operating.

  • 1975

    Far Eastern Silo Co., Ltd. officially established.